Today, more and more countries and groups concern about environment; More and more people in the world aware that the waste they were producing and the fuel they were using was damaging the world that we all live in. This further strengthens our belief - “Recycle Waste into Biodiesel, Relieve Energy Crisis” is the right direction that Champway needs to persevere. We fully understand that the vision inspired from our belief is a long term development and full of obstacles. Champway is well prepared to contend and is confident to achieve it.


This is our dream

To be the industrial leader of biodiesel in Hong Kong and a world-renowned pioneer of biodiesel in both technology and economics.


What we strives to achieve

  • To produce international standard biodiesel by adding value to waste materials and make it a widely accessible and affordable fuel.
  • To take the lead to communicate, discuss, suggest and closely work with the government bodies in formulation of biofuel strategies, standards, regulations and policies in Hong Kong; and drive the biofuel industry to grow rapidly and harmoniously.
  • To continue our emphasize on Research and Development in the use of waste materials, source of feedstock, improvement on processing and innovation of new product not only by in-house effort but also the support from the government and collaboration with other industrial players having the same belief.
  • To demonstrate our business is a sustainable development in terms of both environmental and economic sustainability which preserve the environment and generate commercially acceptable return to our shareholders.


How Champway people behave is simply CHAMPWAY

We are totally committed to conducting our business and therefore we demand from ourselves the highest ethical, moral and professional standards.
Perserving the environment and relieving energy crisis need every people in the world to pay effort. We believe only under harmonious atmosphere, more people many hang together to make the step forward. This is our attitude towards our partners, government and even rivals.
We adopt personal accountability seriously as it is one of our core culture values. This facilitates us to find out the problem areas quickly and maintain continuous improvement in details. We praise for the good and learn from the mistakes. We perceive this as fundamental of our success and possess perfectly clear criteria for rewards and penalties.
Making a difference
We are conducting a great business which recycles waste and produce an alternative energy biodiesel. We are doing something valuable for ourselves and our next generations. We are passionate and proud about our contribution to the environment. Champway itself does make a difference. It offers us not only a job but a career which we are willing to work and fight all one's life.
We believe that our people is truly our greatest asset and our value comes from them. We work as a team which we support an open and communicative culture. We care, foster, reward and respect our people. The utmost important is that we are committed to providing an absolute safe working environment for them.
We recognized that no matter how great our belief is, commercially viable is essential for a business to sustain. We are committed to maximizing long term shareholder value in order for us to develop broader and deeper.
We perceive our business is an art which pursue quality, creativity and perfection.
Yearn for success
The above values serve as our “cultural cornerstones”. We deliberately keep them at the forefront of our behavior and expectations. In addition to our leading edge technology, international standard biodiesel, spirit of continual improvement and government supported entity, we anticipate and are confident that we would succeed in coming uncertain and challenging future.