Our History

Champway Technology was founded in 2005. Dedicated to the philosophy of creating eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels, our history is marked by continuous research and technological advances in the biodiesel industry.
Champway’s first workshop was established in Yuen Long. There, the pilot plant began to produce 15 tons of biodiesel each day.
After success in acquiring an environmental permit from the government, Champway became the only company to recycle waste cooking oil in HK EcoPark. On this land, we began our Phase I construction of a new biodiesel production line with maximum capacity up to 100,000 tons per year.
Champway formed a joint-venture with Sin Hua Development Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldsland Holdings Company Limited.
Champway was invited by UK Trade & Investment, a UK government organisation, and became part of delegation of Hong Kong to attend Futuresource 2009 Conference and Exhibition which was the UK-based European showcase for the sustainability sector covering everything from traditional waste management services to new technologies for renewable energy.
The new production line started to produce 60 tons of biodiesel each day.