Benefits of Champway’s Biodiesel

Renewable Energy

  • Our biodiesel can be made from renewable resources such as vegetable oil or animal fat. The greatest merit is that it can be oil that has already been used and recycled. Creating fuel source from waste means that Hong Kong is a city to be better.
  • In addition, our biodiesel reduces dependency on foreign fuels which enhances domestic energy security.

Save Maintenance Cost

  • Our biodiesel is able to remove dirt and deposits from fuel injectors and fuel filter which fossil fuel leaves behind. This enables the engine running cleaner and more efficient and therefore save cost on maintenance.

Environmentally Responsible and no Threat to Human Health

  • Compared with fossil diesel, our Emission Tests have proven that our biodiesel has a striking 30% reduction in smoke level. (Smoke Test)
  • In fact, it reduces significantly all green house gas:
    • Reduces emissions of carbon dioxide by 70-75%*
    • Reduces emissions of carbon monoxide by 45-50%*
    • Reduces emissions of particulate matter by 50-60%*
    • Reduces emissions of unburned hydrocarbons by 60-90%*
  • Our biodiesel contains virtually no Sulfur and aromatic.
  • Our biodiesel is more biodegradable than fossil diesel.
  • It is concluded that our biodiesel is extremely clean burning fuel

Similar Engine Performance

  • Similar fuel consumption as fossil diesel
  • Similar horsepower as fossil diesel
  • Slightly higher torque than fossil diesel
  • Increased lubricity extends engine life
  • No modification necessary

Safer to Transport and Store

  • Higher Flash point (temperature at which fuel ignites) than fossil diesel

Value for Money

  • Most of the countries, they sell biodiesel at a premium. In order to share our belief to more people, our pricing strategy is to try our best effort to stick close to the fossil diesel price.