Champway Technology Limited is the only company who possesses an ‘Enviromental Permit’ to recycle waste cooking oil in Hong Kong. Our primary objective is to recycle all local waste cooking oil and organic oil and grease into biodiesel, the renewable energy of our own.

WE are in EcoPark which is a key element of the Government’s strategy on waste management to promote local recycling industry. The Government wishes to jump-start a circular economy by providing long term land for the environmental and recycling industry. Leveraging this Government initiative, we aim at recycling all waste cooking oil in Hong Kong and stem the trend of re-using waste oil on the dinner table. This is just our first step to contribute to save our environment. Using the collected waste oil, we are committed to produce high quality biodiesel which is a clean and efficient fuel to further our contribution. Besides, biodiesel is an alternative energy source to fossil fuels. All these build up our belief - “Recycle Waste into Biodiesel, Relieve Energy Crisis”.

Every step, big or small, makes enormous difference to the environment that we are in. Change in our way of living needs to begin somewhere. Champway starts in Hong Kong and strives to spread our belief as far as we could.